The Birdie Dawg Story

Introducing Birdie Dawg, the perfect combination of grit and style. These golf hats won’t just keep you looking fashionable on the course, they’ll also keep you motivated to achieve the best score possible.

Birdie Dawg is on a mission to break down barriers and make golf accessible for everyone - regardless of their zip code. We strive to provide an inclusive platform for the underdog, the underprivileged golfer who may not have been handed a golden club at birth but shares a love for the game. Our vision is to create an inclusive community around the game we love, no matter where you come from or what kind of golfer you are.  At Birdie Dawg, it's not about how much money you have - it's about who has heart!

By inspiring people with our motto “Live Dogged”, we hope it serves as a reminder to be gritty and persevere when facing life's biggest challenges. With this spirit driving us, we strive towards a vision of creating an equitable world that allows everyone, no matter their situation in life, access to enjoying golf with vigor and joy!